IT Support Made Simple

Make life simple with Primenet

We all know that choosing the right IT solution for your company can mean the difference between company success and failure, particularly for a new company. But what do you do if you're a new business and just want to focus on what you do best, and not have to suddenly learn the ins and outs of a reliable IT solution? Where do you turn to when your company has taken the next steps following business growth, and you don't know whether your IT solution can cope? Or perhaps you're a larger organisation looking to streamline your IT function and make life that little bit simpler?

We have a solution for you!

Here at Primenet, we want to make things easy, so we've developed four IT support packages, with different levels of service that will work for your business, no matter the size. From our entry-level Bronze Box comprising of Remote Support with Monitoring of your desktops and laptops for as little as £38 per user per month, moving through to the Titanium Box that includes either a laptop or desktop to your specifications, wrapped up with a corporate level support contract, 8 hours minimum onsite engineering and Office 365 Business premium with Anti-Virus protection on premise and web filtering.

Whether you're looking at a complete tech refresh or just a little bit of hand holding for your new business, we have a complete turnkey solution to suit your needs. 

Our Boxes

Choose Bronze, our start up IT Support package is designed for smaller businesses looking for entry-level support.

Choose Silver, for SMEs seeking Office 365 licences and optional onsite support.

Choose Gold, for larger SME's looking for additional remote server support and onsite assistance.

Choose Titanium for Enterprises requiring hardware, additional licences and an extra level of support.

So What's Included In These IT Support Packages?

Bronze Silver Gold Titanium
Remote Monitoring
Remote support
Office 365 Business Premium
Anti Virus
Spam Filtering
Laptop / Desktop

Docking station


Servers remote support

2 servers for every 10 users PM

2 servers for every 10 users PM
free Monthly Onsite Visit

4 hrs for every 10 users PM

8 hrs for every 10 users PM

8 hrs for every 10 users PM
All in one printer (MFP)

1 per 10 users
Minimum Contract (months)11136
Price£38 per user per month£52 per user per month£67 per user per monthfrom £99

Pick a box!