Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

In current times, IT teams are increasingly time poor, with pressures piling on them for all areas of the organisation. They frequently do not have the time or resources to search through large volumes of data searching for increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.
A Managed Detection and Response solution supports organisations who are seeking to improve their threat detection and response capabilities, improving monitoring and scaling up their overall cyber security initiatives, but who do not have the time, budget or resource to do so on their own.
Primenet’s MDR solution acts as your organisation's cyber security operations centre, actively monitoring 24/7 both your network infrastructure including your cloud solutions and all your endpoint assets. With both routine, regular scanning and testing, our solution identifies potential vulnerabilities and threats, then recommends ways of mitigating or fixing issues that arise. By choosing a Managed Detection and Response solution from Primenet, your organisation benefits from the expert knowledge and experience of our inhouse team without needing to personally recruit the large team needed to handle the daily requirements of an effective cyber security team.