How IT outsourcing helps to scale your technical team

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Scale your team with IT outsourcing

If the demands on your IT team are rapidly increasing, but you find yourself without the necessary resource or skills in-house, then it may be time to consider scaling your team. With ever diminishing IT budgets, you need to ensure you can scale your team cost-effectively, making it a great time to consider insourcing vs outsourcing IT services. By choosing IT outsourcing services for part or all of your IT functions, you can benefit from gaining a wealth of IT expertise, while freeing up your in-house team to focus on what they do best. Choosing the right IT outsourcing company is, therefore, critical to the future expansion and effectiveness of your business.

IT outsourcing from Primenet

At Primenet we take the time to sit down with you and discuss your specific IT requirements, current shortfalls or existing gaps in technical knowledge or resource. We know that every business has unique needs and demands of their IT system and IT support service, and we offer many distinct levels and types of support tailor-made to your requirements.

We can simplify the technical world for your business, offering anything from technical holiday cover for your existing in-house IT resource, providing a fully managed service desk with 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support on and off-site, to anything in-between customised to suit your requirements and your budget.

As your business and IT infrastructure requirements expand, Primenet will adapt and scale to your technical needs on your behalf enabling you to scale your technical team and giving you peace of mind that we have your back technically and with minimum cost.

Contact our team today to discuss your outsourced IT support needs and discover the benefits Primenet can bring to your organisation.

IT Outsourcing FAQ's

Why outsource your IT?

Outsourcing provides companies with a business process to external agencies, with benefits from low cost and improved quality to product and service innovation. Outsourcing IT is essential, as it contains vital components to have a successful enterprise. Also, by assigning responsibilities to external agencies, companies minimise the risk of difficult to manage IT departments and set a reputation and standard to the organisation since IT’s are managed by certified third parties and external vendors.

How to outsource IT services?

One of the most common ways to outsource is to research third parties and reputed external vendors in the market and approach the sales team over the phone or email. Initially, an agreement will be made with your outsource company and it will include a detailed procedure to solve your computing problem within a specified amount of time. This is usually known as a Service Level Agreement.

What are the benefits of outsourcing IT services and support?

Key benefits include;

  • Lower operational costs
  • Engaging, experienced and certified resources
  • Free up or avoid dedicated internal resources
  • Highly efficient and flexible
  • Leverage a global knowledge base and high capabilities
  • Increased focus on core competencies
  • Rapid implementation of new technology
  • Adherence to compliance and security policies