End Of Service Life (EOSL)

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Is your system approaching the End of Service Life (EOSL)?

At Primenet, we offer a range of EOSL Support services designed to extend the life of your IT system, maximise its value, reduce your operating expenditure and help your company to make environmental savings.

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All products eventually reach the point of EOSL, which can be challenging and costly for any IT department. While the manufacturer may no longer be supporting the product that you have grown to rely on, a qualified and experienced managed service provider can keep your chosen solution delivering peak performance for years to come.


What is EOSL?

EOSL is End of service life which means that the manufacturer will stop providing any software or hardware maintenance for the EOSL product. After the EOSL date, there will not be any new software patches or bug fixes released for this product.

Why do I need EOSL cover?

After EOSL, if you still need to continue operating the hardware, you may still need to cover the system to keep it running. Usually, after EOSL, you may need to look for additional support for the existing product through third-party vendors or authorised partners.

How much does EOSL cover cost?

It depends on the manufacturer's policy to either provide very limited support or no support at all. In most cases, the manufacturer will not provide any more support contracts for these products. However, the customer shall obtain contracts through third-party vendors or authorised partners.

What is the difference between EOL and EOSL?

EOL means where the manufacturer stops just the sale of the product But EOSL would be when the manufacturer stops both sale and support of that product.

What happens when a system reaches EOL?

EOL is End-of-life which means that the product which has reached EOL is no longer available for purchasing and the manufacturer will discontinue the sale of this product. However, the manufacturer will continue to provide support for these products including any hardware, software patches or bug fixes. Usually, the manufacturer would provide extended support for an increased price considering the age and the life of the product.

What does ‘end of sale’ mean?

End of sale is much similar to End of Life where the manufacturer stops selling the product. However, the product that has an existing support contract will continue receiving hardware and software support until the contract ends or for a limited period depending on the manufacturer.