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Keeping your business safe and secure

Technologies constantly grow, evolve and update, and it’s essential you keep up.

When you have the best systems, hardware and applications in place to manage your day-to-day operations, you’ll not only need Cyber Security, but to invest in the tightest measures available.

Our cutting-edge Cyber Security solutions can be customised to your needs. What is Cyber Security? Well, it ranges from everyday protection for your network storage, to secure payment providers on your website, and everything in-between. We’ll check for threats, analyse risks, and defend against cyber attacks and threats of deception along the way. With a skilled and thorough team and the most innovative IT solutions at our disposal, we can use our Cyber Security options to protect every area of your company — from up in the Cloud, to the palm of your hand.

REMOTE WORKER CYBER SECURITYWant to find out more about our cyber protection for remote workers?

Our Cyber Security solutions from Cynet could be the right decision for your business. 

Cynet 360 provides cutting edge EDR capabilities:

Advanced endpoint threat detection—full visibility and predicts how an attacker might operate, based on continuous monitoring of endpoints and behavioural analysis.

Investigation and validation—search and review historic or current incident data on endpoints, investigate threats, and validate alerts. This allows you to confirm the threat before responding to it, reducing dwell time and performing faster remediation.

Rapid deployment and response—deploy across thousands of endpoints within two hours. You can then use it to perform automatic or manual remediation of threats on the endpoints, disrupt malicious activity and minimize damage caused by attacks.

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