As a Service

Don’t let “No Budget” prevent you from your IT strategy.

Take control of your capital expenditure with 'as a Service'

Also known as XaaS. With an As a Service solution, there's no BIG price tag needed for better, newer, faster hardware and software to stay current.

Small to medium-sized businesses don’t often have the resources to fully support all of their infrastructure needs – which is why the As a Service model is a great solution.

With As a Service models, the need for costly, long implementations is shifted to subscription-based technology designed to reduce upfront IT spending, enhance client flexibility, provide access to the latest technologies and move IT expenditure from CAPEX to OPEX. All this is accomplished while we, as your managed service provider (MSP), maintain your infrastructure entirely.

Primenet’s solutions provide an alternative to upfront cash purchases for IT equipment and services. We offer monthly, quarterly or other flexible payment setups. These payments will equal less than purchasing equipment outright, providing a lower cost of ownership to your organisation.


Pick your 'As a Service' solution;

device as a serviceDevice as a Service

Replacing your employees' computing devices every three to four years can be costly. We help businesses reduce these costs by providing them with the hardware (such as laptops, desktops, tablets, or mobile phones), bundled with a variety of services and software, in one offering for a single monthly subscription fee. With the option of management and support to help you stay focused on the core of your business. >> Find out more

backup as a service

Backup as a Service

With our Backup solutions, you can be sure that we address the latest and growing list of challenges to data protection, backup, recovery and archiving. Some challenges include the growth of data constantly rising and showing no signs of slowing, to dealing with more complex cloud environments (hybrid and multi-cloud). >> Find out more

cyber security as a service

Cyber Security as a Service

Simplify the management and have a cost-effective approach to making your business fully secure. Primenet brings you the level of security you would associate with a larger corporate company – without the price tag. >> Find out more

tech as a service

Tech as a Service

Tech as a Service (TaaS) is a way of delivering technology that's managed on your behalf by an expert provider. Our TaaS makes complex technology simple and affordable, so you don't have to waste time or money trying to figure out how to set up that complicated new tool or hire a team of experts.

You can focus on driving your business forward — let us handle the tech. >> Find out more

With Primenet's As a Service Solutions you get;

  • Consultive led approach – We have a discovery session to understand what you have currently, help you evaluate different options and advise on what is best for you.
  • Flexible - We make decisions based on your needs, no package deal is the same offering for everyone – but a solution designed exclusively for you and your business.
  • All our engineers are experts. They know their craft and take pride in resolving issues.
  • Future proof your technology roadmap – Always have the latest technology compliant with corporate security requirements, while saving on costs.

Contact Primenet to find and discuss the As a Service solution that’s best for your business.

The availability of an ever-increasing catalogue of As a Service offering to meet the needs of business customers will ensure that there is sure to be a service offering well matched to most clients' needs from now on.

Is XaaS right for my business?