Primenet provides comprehensive maintenance and support contracts on a wide variety of legacy servers, network equipment & storage systems.

Our services include 24/7/364 Remote Support or custom support coverage to address your specific needs, so if you are looking for something a little different from our normal SLAs, let us know and we will work with you to provide the best level of support to suit your requirements.

Proactive Support

Where possible we will configure your systems to send error codes and alerts directly to our Support Centre, so that we can provide a truly proactive service. This means that we can get your systems back up and running faster than our competitors, reducing downtime and helping to keep your business moving.

Telephone Support

Primenet is committed to meeting your EMC maintenance needs in a consistent and timely manner. If you have a technical question or notice a problem with your system, you can contact our Support Centre and the ticket will be dispatched to an EMC Certified Engineer.

Onsite Support

When necessary, a Field Engineer will be dispatched to your site with parts or equipment to resolve any EMC maintenance issues. Interactive communications between our Customer Support Centre and the Field Engineer, regarding your EMC maintenance specific issue significantly reduces downtime and allows for quick, efficient resolution. Once the problem is resolved, your Field Engineer will provide an explanation on the issue and resolution.

Visit our maintenance pages below to find out more about the solutions we provide or contact us to talk through your business needs.