DELL Isilon: The new PowerScale

Dorota Gibiino 03 August 2021

Dell EMC PowerScale (Formerly Isilon)

PowerScale unlocks the potential within unstructured data, providing simplicity, flexibility and intelligence insights, allowing users to understand business results and make quick actions on opportunities. Building on the proven Dell EMC Isilon technology, Dell Technologies has uncoupled the OneFS operating system, making it possible to use the award-winning software-defined architecture on the leading PowerEdge platform.

This industry-leading scale-out NAS platform enables you to innovate with your data. The PowerScale family includes Dell EMC PowerScale platforms and the Dell EMC Isilon platforms configured with OneFS.

The PowerScale all-flash platforms and your current Isilon nodes co-exist seamlessly in the same cluster to drive your traditional and modern applications.
Isilon products are broken down into three categories: all-flash (for performance), hybrid flash and HDD (general usage)/pure HDD (archiving).

Why PowerScale?

From performance, efficiency, flexibility and scalability to the security and protection you need to store huge amounts of unstructured data within a cluster. Let's take a closer look at the benefits of PowerScale;

  • A flexible scale-out NAS (Network Attached Solution) - simple to install, manage and scale to virtually any size. From TB to PB - OneFS keeps it simple no matter how large you grow.
  • Organisations are able to store any unstructured data anywhere – at the edge, the datacentre or the cloud.
  • Up to 80% storage utilisation and SmartDedupe data deduplication can further reduce storage requirements by up to 30 per cent.
  • Delivers enterprise-grade features including availability, redundancy, security, data protection and replication to simplify and automate storage management.

Find out in more detail the Top 5 Reasons to Choose Dell EMC PowerScale.

A OneFS powered cluster is composed on a flexible choice of storage platforms including;

All-Flash Nodes

A powerful yet simple scale-out storage architecture that help to speed up access to massive amounts of unstructured data while dramatically reducing cost and complexity.

  • PowerScale F900
  • PowerScale F200
  • PowerScale F600 Isilon F800 and F810

Isilon Hybrid Nodes

The hybrid platforms create the balance between large capacity and high-performance storage, making them flexible to provide support for a broad range of enterprise file workloads.

  • Isilon H400
  • Isilon H500
  • Isilon H5600
  • Isilon H600

Isilon Archive Nodes

These are deeply efficient and highly scalable archive storage solutions.

  • A200
  • A2000
  • NL410 – This system has reached EOL. Primenet offers EOSL maintenance and support services.

Need help upgrading to Dell EMC PowerScale?

Primenet’s certified Dell Technologies experts offer planning, consultation and implementation services for your PowerScale systems, ensuring you have the smoothest transition and understanding of your systems. Please contact us for a free consultation.
We also offer maintenance and support for your Isilon legacy systems, ensuring they continue to deliver the peak performance that your business demands.
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Quick Facts: 

Does PowerScale replace Isilon? Yes, PowerScale will eventually replace Dell EMC's popular Isilon product line.

Is PowerScale the same as Isilon? Dell Technologies has rebranded Isilon with the PowerScale label. It's not just a new name, but fresh hardware and some new features including S3 object access and a DataIQ data analytics.

What is the difference between Isilon and PowerScale? Isilon storage includes a choice of all-flash, hybrid or archive nodes. Isilon solutions stay simple no matter how much storage capacity is added, how much performance is required, or how business needs change in the future. 

How many hard drives are in Isilon 4U? Up to 60 drives in a 4U package.

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