3 Ways to Find Cost-Effective Solutions to Business Problems

dorota@primenetuk.com 11 October 2022

Discover effective IT solutions to business and budget challenges.

Discover Cost-Effective Solutions by Addressing the Correct Issue

As IT leaders, we must identify the real nature of the issue to concentrate on finding the best solution. That provides us with the knowledge we need to address problems more successfully. Focus on “What problem are we trying to solve?” and do we have the right team to perform those tasks?

For any business, the IT Department often has an annual set of defined goals that arise from a keen evaluation of;

  • What do we have today - will it support our business?
  • What are the pressing needs of the IT department? - upgrades, maintenance, and how do we ensure the business thrives and remains competitive?
  • What technology or innovations do we require? business transformation, moving to the cloud, an expanding workforce? etc.

Businesses concentrate their efforts on the appropriate tactics when they genuinely understand the issues that need to be solved.

Use Cost-Effective Solutions by Outsourcing  Fundamental Tasks

Many businesses have lean IT Teams who share the responsibilities of the business objectives - keep the lights on, secure our infrastructure (and employees) from cyber-attacks, make sure the backups are performed and evaluate the estate and technical debt.
Not every team has the same set of skills or experience. Get the right people to the right technologies at the right time.
A third-Party IT Maintenance company can deliver a robust solution, freeing up your team's time and gaining expert (and experienced) IT Engineers to proactively manage the necessary tasks.

Keep your IT investment up and running longer, beyond the scope of the manufacturer's support timeline. Every business will have legacy infrastructure reaching End of Support Life (EOSL) or even End of Life (EOL) - but this technology may still be an integral part of your business and requires maintenance.

IT Support and Maintenance services include many diverse types of legacy services, network hardware, and storage systems in areas including security, routine maintenance, and even cloud hosting. You face ongoing pressure, just like any business, to get the most out of your IT expenditure; outsourcing these fundamental tasks would be an assured way to extend the life of your investment.

Take Advantage of as a Service Cost Model

Digital transformation has a way of altering not just technology but also how we do business as a whole. What is the "Anything-as-a-Service" (XaaS) noise about, then?

Why is it unique compared to other digital trends that aim to upend the current corporate landscape? From retail and manufacturing to transportation and everything in between, XaaS has altered how many businesses operate. It seems as if 'aaS' is becoming a preferred way to obtain cutting-edge technology with known pricing and a specified time frame.

XaaS is becoming a mindset as much as it is a strategy.

It only makes sense for business users to follow society's trend toward a mobile-first, cloud-focused environment by storing everything on the cloud, where it is available and current around the clock. In-office and remote team members work efficiently without sacrificing security or quality of work.

The "democratisation of infrastructure" is made feasible by XaaS in practically every aspect. With little to no technical expertise or experience, anybody may pick the services they desire. It is transforming whole business paradigms and creating enormous possibilities for both big and small companies.

The digital transformation of every company requires agility and flexibility. In order to stay up to speed with the changes that are now unfolding in the modern corporate environment, legacy systems simply cannot evolve quickly enough.

Businesses desire more tailored services, just like our customers do. With XaaS, businesses are free to adapt as they see appropriate, whether that means customising a process, selecting a brand-new XaaS vendor, or scaling up or down to accommodate shifting market conditions. Any size business in any sector may benefit from this.

247 Service Desk PrimenetIn Conclusion:

  • Choose a company that helps you discover and solve the challenges of your IT. They will become an extension of your team and a reliable pair of expert IT hands.
  • Take advantage of 3rd Party IT Maintenance and IT Support to extend your team, and the useful life of your IT investment.
  • Explore the 'as a Service' offering, it's not just hardware - you can pay monthly for services, licences, software, and full solutions like a Cyber department. Finance decisions are turned around in less than 48 hours - full details can be found here.