Your IT to-do-list for 2021, by Primenet

Nicolas Ahiskali 11 January 2021

#1 Ransomware

What is a ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid.

Source: Oxford languages

What are the consequences of ransomware?

A ransomware attack will encrypt your data and make it completely inaccessible. In most cases, recovering the impacted files without the decryption key is impossible, which makes paying the ransom is the only hope to get them back, obviously without any guarantee.

Am I likely to be affected?

According to a white paper published by Sophos last year, 51% of organisations worldwide were hit by ransomware attacks in 2019 (57% in Germany). 73% of these attacks were actually successful in encrypting the targeted data. Although 26% of the victims could recover their data by paying the ransom, this process doubles the cost of dealing with such attack. Using a public cloud does not protect an organization from ransomware attacks. Indeed, 59% of successful attacks involved data in the public cloud.

Source: Sophos White Paper “The state of ransomware 2020”

How do I protect my company?

There are a number of solutions on hand to ensure an availability rate of your data up to 100%, from detection software to data backup and recovery products. No matter how many users or how much data you need to protect, Primenet will help you find the perfect solution adapted to your IT-budget.

If you have any questions on ransomware or how best to protect your network, contact us today!