Third-Party IT Maintenance

3 reasons why you should choose a Third-Party IT Maintenance Provider

Dorota Gibiino 06 October 2021

Need to extend the life of your investment?

There are several reasons why a business may opt to partner with third-party IT maintenance (TPM) provider. From cost savings and simplicity to boosting environmental sustainability, your TMP is focused on your IT infrastructure needs. Whether you need help with hardware, maintenance to professional services, we can support you.

That said, here are the main benefits you'll receive from partnering with a TPM provider.

  1. Cost Savings Infrastructure and Operations managers are always looking at ways to cut back on IT spend. According to Gartner, third-party IT maintenance can have cost savings from 50-80% less than traditional OEM maintenance contracts and enables noteworthy lifecycle extension for existing IT infrastructure - reducing hardware CapEx and OpEx costs When your systems approach End of Life (EOL) and End of Service Life (EOSL) issues, TPM engineers can carry out an infrastructure audit to help identify opportunities for repair, re-use and recycling. The IT budget you save by delaying hardware replacement for several years can be rechannelled into other business priorities such as digital transformation or upgrading mission-critical infrastructure. 
  2. Reliability The main advantage of a third-party maintenance provider is that they are a single point of contact for all your maintenance and IT management issues. There is no need to deal with different equipment providers to track down the source of the problem, as the TPM provider takes full responsibility for all the equipment under their care, regardless of the manufacturer.  TPM providers have experience working with multivendor equipment, giving them a deeper understanding of how different pieces of IT infrastructure work together. Relying on one provider to manage your entire infrastructure saves time and increases efficiency when it matters most. 
  3. Flexibility You have the freedom to choose what brands you want in your IT infrastructure and have them supported by a single TPM supplier on a single contract with unified SLAs, which frees up time and resources. Often, TPM providers customise your service level agreements (SLAs) to ensure you’re only paying for services you need. 

Conclusion; Is it time for you to make the switch?  

The decision to switch to a third-party IT maintenance provider seems obvious, as they are focused entirely on the customer: protecting your IT investment and increasing the lifespan of your assets while ensuring business flow and service quality. What’s even better? There is no compromise. You can have both service quality and save on your IT budget, as well as a long list of other benefits.  

Choose Primenet as your Third-Party IT Maintenance provider

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What does ‘third party’ maintenance mean?

The IT equipment owner is the ‘first party’, the company who manufactures that equipment is the ‘second party’, and the ‘third-party’ is an independent entity focused entirely on quality service delivery to the first party.  Also often referred to as TMP.

Why choose third party Maintenance?

As an alternative to the expense and structure of OEM maintenance, third-party maintenance (TPM) offers you savings and coverage flexibility.

An alternative that will ensure the maintenance of your equipment, guarantee exceptional service, quality, and extend the lifespan of your investments: third-party maintenance (TPM) of infrastructure.

Minimise interruptions caused by incidents, with guaranteed times to get systems back online, from four hours to a day, depending on the level of service.

Why choose third party Maintenance from Primenet?

With a daily presence, your TPM company has perfect knowledge of the infrastructure and how it’s used. Removed from the sales objectives and technical roadmaps that influence the advice provided by manufacturers, we are able to provide objective, personalised, unbiased advice about possible changes. To do this, it can rely on our experience and technical expertise, as well as analysis of technical and usage data.