Technology Recycling vs. Reuse


Dorota Gibiino 16 December 2021

Advance environmental sustainability and protect your data.

With e-waste continuing to be an issue worldwide, and global data consumption accelerating, what is the most sustainable option when it comes time to retire data storage devices?

Blancco-LogoThe amount of data we process around the globe is staggering, and each virtual bit requires physical resources: chips, drives, smart devices, laptops, servers, and more.

  • Even before the COVID-sparked acceleration to cloud, ComputerWorld predicted that data centres could generate 3.2 percent of the total worldwide carbon emissions by 2025 and use at least a fifth of the world’s electricity.
  • By 2030, we could experience a deluge of Internet of Things (IoT) devices—around 50 billion of them. This IoT increase affects data processing, data storage, device manufacturing, and device and battery disposal.
  • In 2020, pandemic-sparked changes resulted in accelerated creation and acquisition of devices to facilitate remote work, virtual classrooms and digital business worldwide.
  • Devices are shrinking in size while expanding in storage capacity. Yet, Global E-Waste Monitor 2020 reports that as of 2020, global e-waste is up 21 percent in five years.

Weighing Whether to Recycle or Reuse Your IT Assets?

Discover the more sustainable choice: 

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Technology Recycling vs. Reuse Blancco Primenet

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