Primenet Vulnerability Assessment and Management (VAM)

Vulnerability scanning is a pro-active way to ensure your critical IT systems are optimised and protected, securing your business, your data and your clients.
In today’s world, merely hoping to avoid a cyber attack or waiting for the attackers to attempt a strike is no way to run a successful, secure organisation.

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Primenet VAM is a flexible, complete network and web application. A Vulnerability Assessment solution that maps your network in real-time detailing which components are most vulnerable to attack and where to focus your resources to secure your network. Its accurate testing capabilities delivers the information needed to repair vulnerabilities that are most likely to cause data loss.

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A wide range of security tests, with hourly updates, form a comprehensive testing library that covers everything from servers and network infrastructure to workstations and endpoint devices, ensuring there are no surprises when it comes to your cyber security. With simple, step by step workflows and an easy to use interface.

Primenet VAM makes it easy for you to direct your resources and remove vulnerabilities from your network.

Key Features:

  • Accurate scanning with near-zero false positives to save you time
  • Pricing structure allows wide scan ranges; pay only for active IPs
  • Reports designed for ease of use and efficient mitigation
  • Simple set up and upkeep for low cost of operation
  • PCI, CIS, SOX, HIPAA, ISO compliance reporting included in every system
  • No host-based clients or agents required
  • Penetration testing alternative, at lower cost
  • Automatic, daily vulnerability database updates