No Code Cyber GRC

Automated Governance Risk & Compliance

Dorota Gibiino 22 September 2022

GRC protects the value of your business.

People, Process and Technology the three pillars of IT for many years; Data unites them all. 
An information security management system (ISMS) constructed on the three pillars of people, processes, and technology is necessary for effective and reliable cyber security.

Do you or your team spend 30% of their time managing 30 different spreadsheets?

Time and effort can be spent elsewhere.

Did you know that can put much of the challenging work of data governance, risk, and compliance on autopilot for you and your company?

With the help of Primenet, you can exert the efforts of your team on other projects.
Save time and obtain a clear view of your Cyber GRC via one dashboard, with real-time consistent information.


  • Risk Management
  • Risk Automation
  • Risk Visualisation
  • Compliance Automation

ISO 27001 – the standard that advocates the three pillars of cyber security and is the international standard for an ISMS.

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