My Launch into the Tech World

Lewis Robins 17 August 2020

I am now three weeks into my new technology sales role and what have I learned?

My main takeaway has been that I’m selling a solution and not a product. In my previous sales role, my main goal was to sell a product, using its assets and visuals to appeal to the customer and describing it in such a way that the consumer simply couldn’t leave without this product. Is this the same as selling tech? No.

The best piece of advice that I’ve had in my first three weeks, is that I should always look for the clients’ problem as problems are intimidating, and everyone ALWAYS wants a solution to their problem. So if you have a great solution to a problem that a business may have, why wouldn’t they want to speak to you and fix it?

Another key skill that I’ve learned is adaptability. Arriving into a new environment with no tech sales experience at all, and during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, I thought “how am I going to fit in? How am I going to align myself with the culture of the business? Will things be the same when I eventually meet everyone?” Honestly, if you’re facing the same scenario and wondering those same thoughts, then my best advice is not to worry. Coming into the business at such an unusual time has allowed the team and I to create a unique relationship as we all pulled together, working hard for the company and becoming friends in a short space of time. The business is also at a stage where we are looking to develop our own culture, which has been joyous as I am able to have a say in that.

The last key skill I have learned is to do with balancing workload. You have to be organised. A day could start with a sales team meeting call, which leads to a team exercise on call outs, then maybe some VMware training, shortly followed by a few exams, alongside writing emails and inputting data. Next thing you know, its 5:00pm and you think “where did the day go?” I’ve discovered that by organising my day thoroughly and consistently, I have the best chance of being of value and ultimately being successful.

Ultimately, I have very much enjoyed the start to my new role and all the key skills it has already taught me! The amount of information and training I have received has been excellent and every day I am learning new skills to do with the business and industry. I can only hope this continues and cannot wait to see what the future holds for me and for Primenet.