Migrating Workloads On & Off The Cloud: Bank Customer Use Case

Primenet Support Team 30 April 2020

Migrating the workloads on & off of the cloud would mean moving all or part of the business objects to or from the cloud environment. Migrating the workload on to the cloud will require a lot of groundwork which includes planning the type of workload that could be moved, challenges faced during or after the migration, and risks involved right from choosing the workload until successfully running the workload in the cloud. Similarly, migrating the workload off the cloud will require the business to build the entire infrastructure in-house similar to the one they had in the cloud. This means the business needs to invest more on-premises both in terms of technology as well as the manpower.

Let's discuss a use-case scenario for a bank infrastructure project who was planning to adopt a hybrid cloud solution. The use-case below describes the Primenet's strategy followed during the planning phase until the implementation phase of the cloud migration.

The Challenge

  • A large bank decided to create a hybrid cloud for some of its services to save costs and enjoy the automation provided by a cloud solution
  • A local VMware solution was chosen, that is replicated to an Amazon Cloud
  • Primenet, working with its partner Systems Express, made the decision to install this application in a greenfield environment


cloud considerations
  • Cost
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Hardware or configuration requirements
  • Network latency
  • Service availability and cloud maximum workloads
  • Automation process

The first thing to remember is that a move to the cloud is not an all or nothing solution


Potential Consequences

Insignificant Minor Significant Serious Catastrophic
Very Likely



50/50 Chance
Loss of customer due to poor access Operational error

Unlikely Operational error Fine from regulation Loss of business due to poor access Business disruption (reliability)
Very Unlikely
Loss of Customer due to data leakage Security Regulation change Business disruption due to disaster (reliability)

Solution Steps

  • Primenet and Systems express worked together to design the solution
  • We installed & configured a new environment as a cloud on-site with replication
  • This was followed by comprehensive testing of the main expected functionality of the solution
  • The customer was shown the automation process •On job training and documentation was provided
  • Plans were put in place for future developments and requirement changes


  • Always analyze the company needs
  • Make sure you know all regulation requirements in your field
  • Start with a full design but plan for changes
  • Use a realistic timeline
  • Know from the start what you must have and what you want to have
  • Understand that there is a lot of configuration before automation

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