Storage Administration

Employing a storage administrator who is highly skilled in operating and managing a large infrastructure with a shop of storage products and SAN is nearly inexpensive. The companies who do not want to hire a high cost professional to manage their storage from within the company are desperately looking for an option to outsource their need for skilled storage administrators. For those who are looking for cost effective storage administration services, Primenet would be a one stop shop for the storage administration services due to the extensive range of Dell EMC Storage products.

Storage Provisioning

Provisioning of storage from SAN is part of the company standard operating procedure. We will set up a call with the customer/client to clearly understand their space requirements. We will take care of the provisioning activity end-to-end which will also include the host connectivity to the storage through the switch, creating the RAID groups and carving the LUNs, creating Storage pools and carving luns from pools, Thin/Thick provision of storage to the hosts. We also perform provisioning on file-based and unified storage arrays which includes file system creation, creating shares and shared folders, expanding the file system and creation of pools. We also include the reclamation/decommission of the space provisioned to the host at the block-level as well as at the file-level.

Storage/SAN/NAS Upgrade

There is a lot of preparation work to be done before you upgrade the operating system of the running system. The system has to be prepared by performing the pre-checks and understanding the ETA’s. Also identifying the fixes addressed in each of the versions, and on top of all we need to identify the right version of software that has to be installed. We offer the storage infrastructure upgrade service which does the above mentioned activities and perform a successful upgrade. We also upgrade the operating system for the switches which is part of the SAN infrastructure. As part of our pre-checks, if we happen to find any area where the best practices have not been incorporated, we would also provide the appropriate recommendation to the customer to have their system running without any disruption. We provide a service for the upgrade of the file level and unified storage array operating system.

Storage Monitoring & Support

Storage monitoring and support involves setting the threshold on the pool capacity and monitoring it, setting up fast cache, monitoring the host connectivity to the array and troubleshooting connectivity issues by working closely with the server/application teams. Managing and monitoring of the file level infrastructure includes troubleshooting all sort of issues with file systems, shares, shared folders and logs. As part of the troubleshooting, we collect the logs from the system, analyse them and provide timely services with a quick turnaround.

Dell EMC Maintenance

Dell EMC maintenance and support is required to ensure that the system continues to deliver optimum peak performance without any errors. Our premium service is tailored directly to your needs, with your particular business in mind. Also completely independent from the respected, trusted manufacturers we have partnered with.

Like every business you’re under constant pressure to get the best possible value out of your IT budget. Primenet support you in achieving your aims by cutting capital expenditure, reducing operating costs, outsourcing systems administration support and making environmental savings. Feel free to contact us for a quick professional unbeatable quote.

A choice of support to match your needs:

  1. 24/7 support, 365 days a year.
  2. Four, eight and next business day support.
  3. Unique SLA support delivered to your exact specifications.

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