IT Security for SMBs

Nicolas Ahiskali 16 March 2021

Today SMBs are highly dependent on cloud, mobile and SaaS technologies.

While these solutions make them more efficient and competitive, they also increase the organisation's exposure and therefore the chances of being targeted by cyber attacks. With the explosion of Working From Anywhere practices and people accessing business critical data or applications from their home or public WiFi networks, this phenomenon is becoming even more prevalent. 

Isn’t cyber security only a concern for big enterprise players?

While cyber security is a top priority topic for major organisations, we should always keep in mind that the availability of IT systems and data is critical for most companies, no matter their size. Having an IT infrastructure down or losing access to critical data can even threaten the very existence of most SMBs. The fact is, most SMBs tend to take their IT solutions for granted and consider themselves too small to be a target and unlikely to be heavily impacted. As a result of this, they often end up being the preferred target for attackers.

  • Ransomware attacks became the biggest existential threat for SMBs

  • 58% of Security Breach Victims are categorized as small businesses

Source: 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR)

Isn’t cyber security too expensive for regular SMBs?

Surprisingly, NO. There are a variety of cyber security solutions available to suit businesses of all sizes with their different requirements. By also choosing one organisation to provide your cyber security solutions, the result can be both increased efficiency and a solution that is more cost-effective than buying separate products.

Isn’t cyber-security too complex and time consuming for regular SMBs?

Once again, the answer is NO. Primenet security solutions will on the contrary free up your IT resources from time consuming manual tasks as they feature:

  • Fully automated monitoring and reporting
  • The strongest protection without impacting the performance of your infrastructure at any time
  • An All-in-One network, endpoint, cloud & mobile security
  • One central cloud management console

How can Primenet help me?

Primenet works with industry-leading security providers, to offer our clients a comprehensive suite of security solutions.

We put our expertise at your service to:
  • design the perfect solution for your business, without smashing your security budget
  • assist you in the implementation and management of your chosen solution to ensure you get 100% performance out of your investment

Contact us today to discuss your Cyber Security needs and get a demo of how we can protect your IT infrastructure and your business.