Know the 5 Common Cyber Threats

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Dorota Gibiino 25 October 2021

Cyber Security

What is a cyber threat?

A cyber threat is any possible form of a malicious attempt to gain access to sensitive information, steal IT assets, damage or disrupt a computer network/system. Other reasons may be to gain access to sensitive information or steal IT assets.  

You need to understand the cyber threats your organisation faces to implement and maintain an appropriate level of cyber security. Whilst the growth of diverse types of cyber threats continues, there are some prevalent ones that present-day organisations need to know.  

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Here are the 5 most common types of cyber threats:

  1. Malware:

    Of all, Malware has to be the most common cyber security threat. Often, Malware issues arise when a user clicks a dangerous link or email – which installs malicious software, including spyware, viruses, and/or worms. The consequences may include you blocked from accessing critical components of the network, damage to the computer system, or leaked confidential information, and others. 
  2. Phishing:

    Sadly, we probably all know someone who has been a victim of Phishing. Cyber Criminals send emails that appear to come from a legitimate source. For example, the email could ask you to update your banking details, and if a user interacts with these links, it initiates a credential theft process. These types of cyberattacks have the highest success rates, especially when fear is used as a motivator for interaction. 
  3. Denial Of Service Attack (DDos):

    DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks try to disrupt usual web traffic and take their targeted websites offline by flooding systems, servers or networks with more requests than they can handle until they crash. What motivates this type of cyberattack? One example is 'hacktivists' who use their hacking skills for social or political goals. For example, launching a DDoS attack against a company that carry out activities they do not support. 
  4.  Man In the Middle Attack (MitM):

    Man in the Middle (MitM) attack is like eavesdropping as it occurs when cybercriminals place themselves between a two-party communication. Once they are in, they may manipulate the conversation to steal sensitive data and return different responses to the user.       
  5. Cryptojacking:

    Cryptojacking is the use of a third-party computer to mine for cryptocurrency, unauthorised. Hackers do this is by encouraging the victim to click on a malicious link from an email, allowing the crypto mining code to load to the computer. To mine cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, takes enormous computing power, so the hackers can make money in secret by harnessing this power from someone else.  

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