Primenet's New Cyber Security Partnership with Cynet

Dorota Gibiino 15 June 2021

Primenet delivers 360 on Cyber Security.

Achieve XDR & Response Automation in one Platform backed by 24/7 MDR Services. Getting the security that your business needs can be costly and complex for security teams to operate and manage. The exponential cyber threats we face today mean it’s not just a requirement- it’s essential to get a complete solution.

Primenet always seeks to find technology companies that are innovating and providing solutions that have the customer first.

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Cynet.

“For over two decades, we've been helping companies with their biggest investments- their IT. Providing great customer service, especially when our customers need guidance, having the right partner to enable the best services and solutions is paramount. That's why we choose our partners carefully.

Cynet is a partner that has great people behind the product, and you can trust the solution to actually do what it’s meant to do. It’s a product that came out from a professional IR team and as such it has all the necessary features and tools that you would look for in such a product (or would like to have)

The service and the support we get from them is extremely good and that makes a huge difference.
Delivering innovative, secure, and reliable solutions that our customers deserve."

Eran Cohen, CEO Primenet.

June 2021

What can our customers expect?

Cynet with Primenet provide a fully Managed Service, natively combining 3 capabilities in a single unified offering delivered by Primenet: Extended Detection & Response (XDR), Response Automation with 24/7 Managed Detection & Response (MDR) service. What our customers gain is a prudent, robust security solution against threats within their internal environment.

We are offering evaluation meetings to explore how your company could rest assured that your security solution is managed by a unified platform to Prevent – Detect – Investigate and fully remediate the broad range of attack vectors.

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Get End-to-End Breach Protection, Regardless of Your Security Team Size and Skill.

About Cynet
Cynet 360 is the world’s first autonomous breach protection platform that consolidates and automates monitoring and control, attack prevention and detection, and response orchestration across the entire environment. Cynet 360 delivers these capabilities by pioneering the use of Cynet Sensor Fusion™ to continuously collect and analyze all endpoint, user, file and network activities across the protected environment. This makes it the only platform capable of seeing the true context of each activity and radically different from any siloed endpoint or network solution that merely monitors parts of the overall activity, resulting in reduced accuracy and protection scope. Through its complete threat coverage, Cynet 360 eliminates the need of complex multi-product security stacks, making robust breach protection within reach for any organization, regardless of its size and security skills.