What is Cyber Recovery?

Why is it Different to DR?

Dorota Gibiino 18 February 2022

Primenet question?What is Cyber Recovery?

Cyber Recovery is a data protection solution intended to address the risk of data loss due to ransomware attacks and other critical cyber-attacks. Cyber Recovery replicates and isolates key data to limit the impact of a cyber-attack on the business.

Cyber Recovery is a new element of data protection solutions designed to address the modern threat of ransomware and other cyber threats to limit the spread of malware and reduce the surface of a global attack.

Why does it matter?

PRIMENET cyber recovery drData is your business, and cyber threats put your data, and therefore business, at risk. The increase in volume and value of data presents an opportunity for criminals who use modern tools and tactics.

As cybercriminals continue to refine their tactics, the threat of a cyber-attack is growing. Businesses that want to maintain their data's confidentiality, availability and integrity must turn to proven, modern solutions and strategies.

Fast facts to understand why Cyber Recovery is essential:

  • 68% of business leaders state their cyber security risks are increasing (Accenture).
  • Every 39 seconds, a new cyber-attack occurs (Tech Jury)
  • Traditional Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity methods are not enough to handle modern cyber threats. 69% of respondents lack confidence that they could recover all business-critical data in the event of a cyber-attack. (Dell Technologies)

What is the difference between Cyber Recovery and Disaster Recovery?

The purpose of Disaster Recovery (DR) is to get operations back to a normal state with minimal data loss. Cyber Recovery, also known as Isolated recovery, is a business-saving strategy that focuses on preserving the most vital business data, applications, and infrastructure crucial for survival.

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