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Dorota Gibiino 15 October 2021


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With employees working anywhere, using their personal devices to access any application, your organisation’s attack surface has never been wider.Check Point Primenet cyber assessment

A Remote Workforce Risk Assessment is the First Step in Remote Work Security

  • Complete a Risk Assessment for Remote Work Security
  • Understand the Human Factor in Remote Work Security
  • Determine Potential Risks and Their Potential Impact.

To keep remote users safe from phishing and ransomware attacks, you first need to understand your security posture.

Take five minutes to answer ten simple questions and receive a detailed report with your security score and most critical security gaps, as well as practical recommendations on closing them. 

Our Remote Workforce Risk Assessment evaluates your company’s remote access/worker security posture following a risk-based approach to cyber security. 



  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Interface
  • Data End-users
  • Critical / Purpose
  • Functional requirements
  • IT security architecture and policies
  • Technical and physical security controls
  • Information storage protection
  • Network topology
  • Environmental security

5 minutes, 10 questions =

Cyber Assessment report

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