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Flexibility in a time of crisis

Paul Godfrey, IT Support Specialist 20 November 2020

Fujitsu cost-effective solution without compromising on performance.

fujitsuPerformance Engineered Solutions Ltd (PES Performance) wanted to upgrade its workstations to meet the demands of increasingly complex applications and datasets and drive productivity.

PES worked with Primenet to define the specifications and chose Fujitsu based on price, performance, and reliability. When the coronavirus pandemic disrupted the supply chain, Fujitsu offered two demo units, so we could meet our client’s requirements and have since installed two Fujitsu CELSIUS workstations.



PES Performance wanted to upgrade its workstations to handle more complex jobs and needed to find the right vendor.

FUJITSU Case studyUpgrading critical workstations

  1. Primenet customer Performance Engineered Solutions Ltd (PES Performance) relies on high-end workstations to handle the demanding CAD and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) applications that form the core of its business. However, its existing fleet was reaching end of life (EOL)  and struggling with the processing of new software required, affecting project delivery schedules and productivity. This led to a bottleneck in processing datasets and load cases.
  2. At the same time, the company had secured a significant piece of new business and had serious concerns as to whether it could manage it on the legacy hardware. PES Performance, therefore, decided to refresh its estate by adding two new top-spec workstations. The next challenge was to find the right partner to deliver; it turned to local MSP Primenet for advice.
“The issues were twofold: PES Performance was running FEA overnight for up to five hours and its CAD applications were constantly buffering, neither of which is ideal,” explains Paul Godfrey, Commercial Consultant, Primenet. “It is always pushing bigger assembly files, more complex geometry, and more detailed optical scans so PES Performance needed hardware that could handle it without breaking a sweat.”


Two Fujitsu CELSIUS M-Series workstations running CAD and FEA applications.

A prompt response to a crisis

  • Primenet defined the specifications and invited several vendors to respond – Fujitsu won because it was substantially more cost-effective without compromising on performance. With the order for two new Fujitsu CELSIUS M-Series workstations in place, PES Performance was all set.
  • Then came the coronavirus pandemic, disrupting supply chains and closing factories around the world. Suddenly, the arrival of those two vital, custom-built workstations was uncertain – and PES Performance had its new project looming. Primenet picked up the phone to Fujitsu to see if there were any alternative options; Fujitsu immediately offered two equivalent demo units, which arrived the next day.
“PES Performance thought it would have to rent a workstation, which was not a guaranteed solution, to cover the hiatus in production but Fujitsu went out of its way to get us the kit we needed; it was a superb and unexpected reaction to the delay,” adds Godfrey. “After three months, they were replaced by the actual units when production lines started to move again. It ensured we could meet our obligations and satisfy PES Performance.”

Reliable, affordable, and high performing.

PES Performance has now been using the Fujitsu CELSIUS workstations for six months, during which time it has had zero issues with performance or availability. The machines can crunch complex datasets much more quickly. At the same time, they can handle more demanding workloads and more complex models and simulations.

This means that users are more productive, jobs are completed faster, and PES Performance engineers are more confident in quoting for ambitious projects. Moreover, the workstations come with a five-year warranty rather than the usual three-year, giving additional peace of mind.

“The Fujitsu workstations are flying machines and top of the list for performance, price, and service. They ensure we can deliver in a timely manner and approach new business that otherwise we couldn’t handle,” concludes Dan Fleetcroft, Technical Director and Co-Owner of PES Performance. “Fujitsu has proven to be flexible, generous, and accommodating, with a real willingness to go the extra mile. We will certainly bear them in mind as our company grows.”

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