Chip shortage expected into 2024

Workarounds for your datacentre.

Nicolas Ahiskali 03 May 2022

The global chip shortage.

The global shortage of electronic components has been around for a while now, and experts are struggling to predict when things will get back to normal. The only consensus is that we won’t probably see the end of it soon, as we know that specific production sectors will face difficulties until at least 2024.

Most impacted are the IT and automotive industries. Whether customers need a new car or a new server for their DC, the delivery times are getting more prolonged and more unpredictable every day that passes. What are the most efficient, short-term workarounds to minimise the effects of this shortage? And are there alternatives to these new products which are at the heart of the current issues?  

Extend the life of your current equipment.

The first obvious answer to this crisis is extending the lifespan of your currently installed equipment by keeping it actively maintained and ensuring it is running at its full potential.

3 Key considerations:  

1.Third-Party Maintenance is particularly appropriate for devices out of manufacturer warranty and support. It is cheaper and more flexible than regular OEM support, allowing you to cover the transition period until a HW refresh can be done in optimal conditions.  

2.“Upgrade” instead of “Replace”: upgrading your current equipment with hardware available from the market is an immediate solution if you need more performance and/or capacity.  

3.Management: Ensure your infrastructure is managed by experts who will get 100% out of its potential before planning any costly investments. Outsourcing the management of your IT to Primenet has been proven more effective in most cases than handling it in-house.  

Hunt for equipment already in stock

The second option if you need or want to buy new equipment is to make sure you order equipment which is already existing and available. That way, you avoid being dependent on the vast uncertainty related to production and delivery time in times of crisis.  

Solutions are available:  

  • Primenet has a live overview of available inventory within the local distribution. Ask your local rep to check this inventory for you to find products that might respond to your current needs. This equipment will be brand new and come with a full OEM warranty and guarantee that it will be directly shipped to you upon order and delivered within a few days.  
  • Primenet has access to a comprehensive inventory of refurbished equipment for every need (desktop, server, storage, network…). These products are tested, certified and come with a warranty, making this experience similar to buying new devices with a better environmental footprint.

Most of the issues caused by the current crisis are not a fatality. Extending the life of your infrastructure with third party maintenance, upgrades and proper management or buying new or refurbished equipment on stock is part of the viable solutions to overcome them.

Nevertheless, immediate availability is the new gold. Knowing exactly when you receive the equipment, so you can plan and react to internal needs is currently the top priority for IT decision-makers.  

For all these reasons, it becomes crucial to choose an IT partner who will be able to assist you every step of the way. With its 360° portfolio, Primenet can be an essential asset on your road to success.