Arcserve OneXafe Immutable Backup & Archival Storage

On-premises scale-out storage to meet your growing data footprint and protect against ransomware.

Stuart Morrison 29 July 2021

Protection against Ransomware.

Companies who find themselves increasingly under threat from Ransomware and DOS attacks are turning to Primenet for the right solution.

OneXafe provides an affordable alternative to AI based ransomware defence platforms, providing a storage target that cannot be altered or changed. Providing a reliable and dependable storage target that can be restored from quickly and easily.

The Backup headache.

Companies continue to struggle with the daunting task of backing up growing quantities of data within diminishing backup windows. Unfortunately, IT administrators are responding to emergency data restore requests, and trying to maintain the backup infrastructure to keep up with the demands. Organizations are looking into disk-based immutable backup storage solutions. However, current solutions are often based on a scale-up architecture with limited scalability and performance. Once the scalability limits are reached, the only available options are to either add another standalone array with separate management or undergo an arduous task of a forklift upgrade and replace the existing array.
The consequences are many islands of backup data that are complex to manage and result in significant increase in the cost of ownership. Typically these storage solutions are not immutable making them vulnerable to ransomware attacks.

Primenet's strategic partner Arcserve, offers an efficient, immutable storage infrastructure for backup and archival: OneXafe. By leveraging OneXafe as the backup target for companies, it can eliminate inefficiencies and bottlenecks associated with backup infrastructure environments.

Our Partnership with Arcserve

90 Seconds that takes the headache away.

OneXafe storage protects your data with continuous immutable snapshots, every 90 seconds, so you’ll never have to worry again. An immutable snapshot is a copy of your data that simply cannot be overwritten or deleted by ransomware or users, because OneXafe and its patented distributed object store prevent that from happening. You can recover anytime, every time, making OneXafe the most effective protection in the market. Furthermore, OneXafe performs powerful inline deduplication on the continuous snapshots, reducing the data footprint. Storage vendors claim their snapshots are immutable because it is simply read-only and cannot be changed. However this doesn’t protect the snapshot from being deleted or the snapshot volume from filling up. If your snapshots can be deleted and/or modified, are they truly immutable?

Safeguard your data with immutable storage

  • Recover file, folder or entire file share rapidly from immutable snapshots that cannot be encrypted or deleted by ransomware attacks. Clone or recover a multiple-TB file share within seconds
  • Protect against a site failure with remote replication in four simple steps.

Scale backup data storage

  • Drive down the storage capacity requirements with built-in, fast, in-line deduplication of your backups. Efficient block level deduplication can deliver up to 10X data reduction rates, depending on the type of data
  • Scale-out storage capacity, one disk at a time. Add an additional OneXafe and have the aggregate capacity immediately available to accommodate your escalating backup and data growth - gone are the days of forklift upgrades.

Simplify the management of your backup infrastructure

  • Eliminate management complexity, as there is no RAID, LUNs, or volumes to configure. Local ring-level replication protects against multiple disk or appliance failures
  • Remove and replace failed disks (or appliances in a cluster) with no disruption to data services and no re-configuration of storage
  • Manage OneXafe backup appliances from any browser
  • Experience a simplified and intuitive management workflow.

When data gets lost, corrupted, or damaged, the time required to restore and resume normal business operations is extremely critical. A reliable and fast recovery solution that does not depend on a time consuming restore can be a good alternative. OneXafe– with its integrated deduplication, immutable snapshots, and ease of management – offers a cost-effective, secure, and non-disruptive storage solution for your backup and unstructured data.
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Stuart Morrison 
Infrastructure Expert