The Impact of IT Management on delivering AI

The seminar was held on 19/06/2019 | 00:00 GMT+01:00

Today, we hear about the powerful new digital technology which is emerging - Artificial Intelligence (AI).

We hear that AI will change our industries and our businesses, we hear about the amounts invested and what the future might hold.

But what does this mean for the business? What does it mean for IT Architecture? The truth is the IT department always has been and will be an integral part of harnessing AI and new technologies. With elevated expectations for AI as a way to transform their businesses, those in enterprise management positions are instructing their information systems divisions to explore methods for adopting AI. The AI Revolution means business will be creating and using more data than ever. All of it which needs to be transposed, analysed and stored.

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  • Most recent Use Cases of putting AI workloads into Production.
  • AI introduced into current processes & driving business results.
  • The role of IT Management in delivering and supporting AI into the business

Hear from Expert Guest Speakers such as Fujitsu’s UK&I CTO Martin Myers, on how Businesses have partnered with Fujitsu to create today’s success stories.

IT Teams enable their organisations to use AI and become AI ready, as it provides ample computing power.

For example, IT Monitors clusters resources and add nodes as data science work expands.

Fujitsu’s Eco-system enables IT teams in supporting the development of AI and its operations, engineering the platform for the business to utilize AI’s potential to reach business goals quicker and seek new opportunities.

The Agenda:

  • Introduction to the Webinar (2 minutes) - Duncan Brown, Primenet
  • Quick Overview of Fujitsu’s AI Journey: ZINRAI and what AI means to Fujitsu.
  • AI in Service Desks and Call Centres – Improving Customer Experience (15 Minutes)
  • Fujitsu’s AI Improving Siemens Gamesa’s Quality Assurance time by 70% - Case Study (15 Minutes)
  • "From nursery to university - key issues, risks, and opportunities & the role of IT associated with expanding AI in a small-medium enterprise" - Presentation by Tam Dipper - AI Business Analyst (12 minutes)
  • Q&A (5 Min.)
Fujitsu Presentations by Martin Myers, Fujitsu’s CTO UK&I Product Business