Cyber Security - Detection & Response

Webinar - Key insights, Case study & Proven Methodologies

· Next Gen Security Operations Centre · Deep Dive Investigation · Customer Success Story

The seminar was held on 23/04/2020 | 11:00 GMT+01:00

How do you investigate cyber attacks?

What is required to protect your organisation?

In this rapidly changing landscape with the exponential increase of connected devices, cloud & online services, businesses are harnessing innovation as a means for business contingency and identifying new areas of growth.

But this increase in data volume and network complexity has led to the rising number in attack vectors from malicious hackers, leaving organisations to face advanced attackers & to protect their sensitive data and business operations.

In this webinar we will discuss on how to respond to today's emerging cyber threats.

Register for this LIVE session, as we will be joined by TrustNet's Head of Cyber Security & Senior Analyst and Tech Leader.

The Agenda:

1. Introduction: Primenet & TrustNet (5 min.)

2. Security Operations Centre (SOC) 2.0 - Where do we start? (10 mins)

  • How to adopt a strategic, holistic & dynamic approach to Security Operations.
  • What can be achieved by aligning your security operations with business continuity strategy.
  • Considerations: Industry standards, regulations, compliance, asset & risk management, costs & threat landscape.

3. Managed Detection & Response (MDR) - Technical LIVE Demo (15 mins)
  • End to end real time forensic analysis and business impact assessment.
  • Responding to real time incident.
  • Incident investigation, conducted by TrustNet’s Cyber Security Senior Analyst.

4. Security “The Agile Way” - Customer Success Story (10 mins)
  • How to address security requirements while adopting an agile approach to prevent business disruption.
  • More than Defending - Cyber security as a growth enabler.

5. Q & A (5 - 10 mins)
  • Questions can be raised at the end and during each presentation.

TrustNet is one of the most highly accredited Cybersecurity operations providers in their field, trusted by hundreds of SMEs, Large enterprises & financial institutions across the USA & EMEA.

In the Primenet ecosystem, TrustNet are the most capable in the field of information security which is why we've formed this strategic partnership.


Duncan Brown

Commercial Director, Primenet

Guy Lieberman

Head of Cyber Security, TrustNet

Michael Wainshtain

Senior Analyst & Tech Leader TrustNet