Cloud Migration and Resiliency Webinar

The seminar was held on 11/09/2018 | 17:09 GMT+01:00

Thousands of organisations are migrating existing workloads from on-premise to the cloud to reduce costs, increase agility, and improve operational performance.

cloud migration

The Challenge

Enterprises with complex environments

Multiple critical applications

Assuring continuous delivery

Business Continuity & High availability

Minimum to zero downtime


Minimize risk while migrating.

DR testing while having no impact on active production & DevOps environments.

Operational costs in terms of time-frames and human resources.

In this session we will be tackling these considerations by measuring risks that exist today and predicting future risks that could impact your revenue stream, demonstrating unified management and visibility to reduce fragmentation and increase organisational proficiency. We also give examples of replacing tasks with automation to reduce the business impact of people and processes.


  • About Systems Express – (2 minutes)
  • Technical cloud migration (15 minutes)
  • Market challenges Case study with experience Resolution Demo (15 minutes)
  • Cloud migration and mobility DR Testing without impact on production
  • Q&A

Presentations by: Yair Miller, Chief Solution Architect, Systems-Express Duncan Brown – Head of Infrastructure Services, Systems-Express