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About Check Point

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. is a leading provider of cyber security solutions to governments and corporate enterprises globally. Its solutions protect customers from 5th generation cyber-attacks with an industry-leading catch rate of malware, ransomware and other types of attacks. They secure more than 100,000 businesses and millions of users worldwide.

How do we work together?

The Check Point partnership has enabled us to provide our SME customers with a comprehensive cyber security solution. Primenet and Check Point help clients understand their security posture so they can design an architecture that prevents complex and zero-day cyberattacks. With a multilevel security architecture that defends enterprises’ cloud workloads, networks and endpoints, clients can be sure they are completely protected across all attack vectors.

Check Point’s comprehensive and intuitive single point of control security management system increases operational efficiency and lowers the complexity of managing your security.

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Endpoints have never been more vulnerable

Today more than ever, endpoint security plays a critical role in enabling your remote workforce. Yet, there have never been more endpoints to protect. In the new normal companies have opened access to their corporate applications from remote endpoints to ensure business continuity. But – while maintaining productivity, remote users are more prone to incautious behaviour and non-compliance to corporate policy.

Malicious actors worldwide are simultaneously taking advantage of the sudden transition to the work from home reality, exploiting an unprecedented opportunity to breach organisations’ IT infrastructures, and hack into sensitive data.

Check Point Harmony | Primenet

Harmony Endpoint is a complete endpoint security solution built to protect the remote workforce from today’s complex threat landscape. It prevents the most imminent threats to the endpoint such as ransomware, phishing, or drive-by malware, while quickly minimising breach impact with autonomous detection and response. This way, organisations get all the endpoint protection needed, at the quality they deserve, in a single, efficient, and cost-effective solution.

Key Product Benefits

  • Complete protection: prevent the most imminent threats to the endpoint
  • Fastest recovery: Automating 90% of attack detection, investigation, and remediation tasks
  • Best TCO: All the endpoint protection you need in a single, efficient and cost-effective solution

Unique Capabilities

  • Advanced behavioural analysis and machine learning algorithms shut down malware before it inflicts damage
  • High catch rates and low false positives ensure security efficacy and effective prevention
  • Automated forensics data analysis offers detailed insights into threats
  • Full attack containment and remediation to quickly restore any infected system. 

cloudguard Primenet

CloudGuard for Cloud-Native Security 

From code to cloud, Check Point CloudGuard offers unified cloud-native security across your applications, workloads, and network-giving you the confidence to automate security, prevent threats, and manage posture-at cloud speed and scale.

  • Security and Posture Management Threat prevention and high-fidelity posture management
  • AutomatedDevSecOps Multi-cloud security from DevOps to production
  • Unified Security for Multi-Cloud Visibility, intelligence, and threat prevention under one platform.

check point mobile cyber security from PrimenetEnterprise Mobile Security

Today every business is a mobile business, with requirements to safeguard business data, provide secure mobile access to business documents and keep mobile devices safe from threats.

Check Point enterprise mobile security solutions provide the widest range of products to help you secure your mobile world.

Together with Check Point, Primenet has been observing a rise in the number of mobile-related attacks as well as entirely new attack methods such as sophisticated mobile ransomware, and MDMs getting weaponised to attack organisations.

Having the right solution is vital to a hybrid workforce, we provide industry-leading solutions.

Harmony Mobile is the leading mobile threat defense solution for Android and iOS mobile security and delivers complete protection for your mobile workforce that is simple to deploy, manage and scale.
  • Complete Protection Protecting corporate data across the mobile attack surface: apps, networks and OS.
  • Simple Management Scalable and easy-to-manage security for any type of mobile workforce
  • User Friendly Quick user adoption with zero impact on user experience or privacy.


  1. ANTI-PHISHING Protection against phishing schemes, including zero-day phishing schemes, while users are using their mailboxes or browsing the internet.
  2. ANTI-RANSOMWARE The solution should monitor changes to files on user drives, identify ransomware behaviour such as illegitimate file encryption, stop the attack, and recover encrypted files automatically.
  3. ANTI-BOT Protection against bot-driven infections and sensitive data exposure they cause.
  4. CONTENT DISARMAND RECONSTRUCTION (CDR) The solution should be able to remove exploitable content by sanitizing documents from any harmful elements and delivering 100% sanitized versions within seconds.
  5. AUTOMATED POST-BREACH DETECTION, REMEDIATION, AND RESPONSE Automation-driven analysis, contextualization, and remediation of incidents enhanced by an end-to-end attack view, covering entry points, lateral movement and the impact on the business.

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