Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a simulated cyber-attack that establishes whether your current security policy properly protects your organisation and data against external threats.

Cyber-attacks are exponentially growing and constantly evolving to manoeuvre around existing protection, and so performing penetration tests on a regular basis is the only efficient way to ensure your organization and data are secure.

By choosing a penetration testing solution from Primenet, our skilled engineers will deploy a robust testing methodology, and personally take on the role of the cyber criminal attempting to gain access to your systems. This manual testing enables our team to assess and uncover any issues in your cyber security solution, to provide comprehensive recommendations, documentation and comprehensive post-testing guidance enabling you to best protect your organisation.

Network Pen Testing

Our network pen testing assesses your critical network infrastructure for both internal and external security weaknesses, analysing the risk to your organisation and providing comprehensive remedial advice.

  • Network & infrastructure testing
  • Checks misconfigurations, services, patch levels and potential flaws
  • Multiple test types
  • Tailored assessment applied to your specific business and industry

Application Pen Testing

The rise in use of web applications for everyday business use, opens organisations up to increased levels of cyber-attack. With our application pen testing, we use methodologies based on Open Web Application Security Project recommendations to ensure the most up-to-date approach to testing.

  • Appraise vulnerabilities and insecure functionality
  • Identify all relevant threat vectors and security risks
  • Multiple test types, including authenticated and API testing
  • Realistic appraisal of threats unique to your organisation

Wireless Pen Testing

Whilst wireless solutions offer many benefits to organisations, they also come with increased risks in terms of security. Our skilled pen testing engineers use comprehensive wireless testing methodologies to identify and mitigate weaknesses in your wireless network

  • Covers all major wireless network vendors
  • Tests all aspects of wireless implementations from encryption schemes, network boundaries and segregation to wireless device configuration
  • Comprehensive reports produced, detailing vulnerabilities and threats by risk
  • Remedial advice provided, and implemented, helping to secure your network

Mobile Device Pen Testing

Increasingly employees are using a range of devices from laptops and desktops, to mobile phones and tablets to do business. The rise of mobile devices, and mobile apps, opens up a whole new attack vector for cyber criminals that must be considered in any comprehensive pen testing plan

  • Protect your systems from rogue apps
  • Discover weaknesses in your app design
  • Secure your software during the development lifecycle, not after release
  • Gain confidence that your customers data is secure from attack
Primenet offers a comprehensive range of Penetration Testing solutions, unlike automated cyber security solutions, these are all designed and manually performed by experts in their fields. By performing regular pen testing with Primenet, you are able to identify vulnerabilities in your environment and remediate them before those potential backdoors are discovered and utilised against your company.