PCI Penetration Testing

Organisations who accept or process payment cards are responsible for complying with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standards. PCI Penetration testing helps establish whether your current security policy properly protects your organisation and data against external threats and cybercrime, helping you meet the PCI data security standards.
PCI Penetration testing from Primenet lets you identify vulnerabilities by utilising a combination of simulated cyber-attacks and automated testing. Our skilled engineers will deploy a robust testing methodology, and personally take on the role of the cyber-criminal attempting to gain access to your systems. This manual testing is combined fast PCI scanning of all internal and external equipment and applications, with real time reporting enabling you to act on and mitigate any security issues immediately. With a comprehensive and continually updated library of tests, the solution is fully scalable, providing scans for a single domain all the way up to networks of thousands of Ips.
Our solution is CVE certified and meets reporting standards for financial, medical and government security standards, with your regular reports documenting your compliance with the PCI Security Standards Council data security standards, all giving you peace of mind that not only is your organisation secure from vulnerabilities but is also fully regulatory compliant.