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The Lookout Difference

Lookout has amassed one of the world’s largest mobile security datasets due to their global scale and mobile focus, collecting security data from over 170M devices worldwide and over 70M apps, with up to 90K new apps added daily.

This unparalleled visibility into apps, devices, networks, and OS firmware allows Lookout to continuously adapt its machine learning technologies to detect emerging threats with high fidelity, and be predictive by letting machine intelligence identify complex patterns indicating risk that human analysts may miss.

Mobile is a new era of computing and as such requires a new era of security solution that is designed exclusively for this platform. Lookout has been securing mobility since 2007 and has expertise in this space.

Whether your organization is currently lacking dedicated IT or security specialists or you need help to protect your expanding company, Lookout empowers you to adopt secure mobility without compromising productivity by providing the visibility that IT and security teams need.


Many organisations are now embracing the use of smartphones and tablets to increase productivity in the workplace, and as more sensitive data goes mobile, your organisation’s security policies must extend to your mobile endpoint devices. Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security makes it easy to get visibility into the entire spectrum of mobile risk, apply policies to measurably reduce that risk, and integrate into your existing security and mobile management solutions.

How It Works

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security leverages a lightweight endpoint app on employee devices, a cloud-based admin console that provides real time visibility into mobile risk, and integration with leading Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions. It sets up a discrete VPN with Lookout the central lookout repository of malware and reported phishing links, it also reports any application exploits you might have on your device.


Measurable reduction of risk

Close a large security gap and measure your risk reduction with Lookout’s analysis and reporting features.

Lookout protects your company from:

  • Trojans and spyware that can exfiltrate data from the device
  • Vulnerabilities in app data transfer and storage
  • Advanced root or jailbreak detection for Android and iOS devices
  • Users with out-of-date operating systems
  • Malicious WiFi networks that launch Man-in-the-middle attacks

Seamless Interoperability

Lookout integrates with all SIEM systems via our Mobile Risk API, including Splunk, Windows Defender ATP, Micro Focus, ArcSight, IBM Security and QRadar.

Visibility into Mobile Incidents

Get real-time visibility into incidents on mobile devices, so you can respond quickly and effectively.

Securely Enable Mobility

Embrace more flexible mobility programs, including bring your own device (BYOD), to increase employee productivity and stay competitive.

Privacy by Design

Ensure your data sovereignty and employee privacy policies are upheld using our privacy controls features.

Easy to Deploy and Maintain

With a three click deployment process to enroll users, you can roll out mobile security quickly and easily.

Lookout integrates with any EMM (such as VMware Workspace ONE® UEM, Microsoft Intune, BlackBerry® UEM, IBM MaaS360®, and MobileIron) for simple deployment and management.

Primenet Lookout deployment and ongoing managed support

If you are looking to deploy a corporate MDM solution or simply equip your staff with personal secure mobile antivirus, our fully trained Primenet engineers will fully manage and maintain your lookout mobile deployment.

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