Primenet Black Box Testing

Primenet Black Box Testing enables your software developers to perform static analysis, code testing and remediation. Your existing testing department gain the ability to perform comprehensive, dynamic security testing on any software or hardware enabling your team to find code and security weaknesses before deployment and certify the security strength of any product without access to source code.
  • One platform with 200+ testing modules
  • IoT, Critical Infrastructure, Automotive, Lab Certification, R&D / QA testing
  • Dynamically assess software, hardware and proprietary protocols for unknown flaws
  • Near-infinite attack vectors allow teams to detect flaws before they are exploited
  • Build your own proprietary protocol testing, or use the Primenet Black Box Testing self-learning module
  • Select exhaustive testing for every field of your protocol
  • Certification reporting
  • Step back and forth in time, and export your Proof of Concept exploit
Primenet Black Box Testing provides a comprehensive testing solution, supported by leading experts, with continuously updated methodologies all designed to ensure that your software is as effective and secure as possible, right from the get-go.