Netapp support & Maintenance

As vital as the system itself, maintenance and support is required for NetApp’s systems to ensure that they continue to deliver optimum peak performance without any errors. Primenet offer cost-effective support and maintenance for your mission-critical NetApp systems. This includes NetApp F Series storage systems, NetApp FAS Series storage systems and NetApp (IBM® branded) N Series storage systems.

Our professional and proactive approach is combined with the vast knowledge and experience of our certified field engineers to ensure your NetApp systems keep running smoothly.By extending the lifespan of your system past its ‘end of life’ announcement, we enable businesses to significantly reduce the total cost of ownership and generate a greater return from their IT investments.


Netapp Support and key points

Our engineers will professionally and comprehensively install your Netapp system at your site. We will stay for as long as required until your Netapp systems are connected to your host/s and are fully operational.
Whether it’s installing additional disks, disk cache or power supplies, our engineers will always complete the task quickly and efficiently at a time that suits you.
We can migrate you data from your existing mainframe or enterprise server storage device and install it on your Netapp system.
We can support and maintain your NetApp systems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on different agreements to suit your budget, such as remote fix and onsite support. In the event of a failure, our trained engineer will try and resolve the issue remotely. If a remote solution is not available, they will be dispatched to your site promptly to find a resolution.
Netapp maintenance services include all replacement parts required to correct hardware issues. We strategically stock system spares and part near major metropolitan areas to allow quick response to your equipment failures.
An extensive inventory of Netapp parts and complete systems are available to meet your growth requirements. Whether your upgrading your existing equipment or looking to add additional equipment, we can help.
  • Worldwide availability on support and maintenance services for Netapp systems.
  • Local and regional stocking for parts and complete systems.
  • Fully tested OEM parts.
  • Automated error notification.
  • Configuration management.
  • Microcode/firmware recommendations.
  • Secure data erasure options available.
  • High standard of SLA to all our clients.
  • 24 x 7 x 365 support available on all Netapp equipment.